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Honoring the preciousness of life

Jack’s Angels name was inspired by the love and support of friends and neighbors for little Jack Demeter, who was only 3 when he was diagnosed with DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma in October of 2011. He passed away 9 months later in July of 2012, the median survival time with the standard treatment of radiation therapy and no hope for survival. This has not changed since 1962, when Neil Armstrong’s daughter tragically died of this deadly brain tumor, and remains the same today. While fundraising for research seemed to be the logical goal, the charity’s leadership gravitated towards activism and advocacy for children with cancer. In 2014, Jack’s Angels worked with the CA state legislature to pass the first awareness resolution for DIPG/pediatric brain cancer and continued working with Members of Congress to have introduced the first such resolution in the House of Representatives on January 13, 2016. In late 2017 DIPG Advocacy Group was formed to promote the success of the DIPG Awareness Resolution in US Congress, which uses DIPG as an ambassador for children with cancer, as most are unaware of the general underfunding of pediatric cancer research and the urgent, unmet needs of children with brain cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related death in children. DIPG Advocacy Group is Jack’s Angels advocacy arm to this day, with advocacy information at any level of involvement at https://dipgadvocacy.org Today, the Senate has passed the DIPG/Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Resolution in 2019, 2020, and 2021, and is poised to introduce a 2022 Resolution. In the House of Representatives, there is hope that this 117th Congress will pass the DIPG Awareness Resolution in the House of Representatives, H. Res. 404. Jack’s Angels launched on January 14, 2016 “Childhood Cancer Talk Radio,” a weekly, one-hour show on TogiNet Radio, part of Global Broadcasting Networks. It airs at 4 pm ET on Thursdays.

Our Mission

Supporting Awareness and Research for DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, and advocacy for children with brain cancer.