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Just when you think it is no longer possible, Along Comes Hope®.

Our Story

Our programs and services provide HOPE to children fighting cancer by supporting their non-medical needs through their journey to heal.

Along Comes Hope® provides families the ability to make this journey to heal and fight cancer together. We help facilitate financial assistance for a child and parent to get to the hospital/institution that best allows for their child's survivability. Cancer treatment is not a one stop shop for treatment.
The equation to select a treatment protocol and Institution should be:
(A) What kind of cancer does the child/adolescent/young adult have?
(B) What Institution specializes in that type of cancer and their outcomes?
(C)The Institution you want to take your child to for treatment or consultation
No family should have to choose affordability over survivability based upon their financial or geographic limitations.

Cancer impacts the entire family; parents, siblings, relatives and most certainly the child fighting for their lives. Medicine is not the only thing that will sustain the life of the child, emotional and mental support is critical and part of the comprehensive assistance we provide. We can’t change their child’s diagnosis, but we can help ensure their journey is one of love and hope. Working in coordination with the physicians, care coordinators and directly with each family, we help facilitate the emotional needs of the entire family by means of our own Hope the Bear mascot and gifts, art therapy, music, camps, counseling, fitness and wellness programs, spiritual support, etc.

Our advocacy work, awareness and education campaigns are geared across the nation to inspire others to seek the spirit of HOPE and spreading hope in creating a national movement of community. We work with other advocacy groups as well as on Capitol Hill taking action to improve funding and policy changes for childhood cancer.

May our vision and service work empower, enlighten and inspire those who have received the gift of “Hope” to pay it forward to our families in need by supporting this cause and joining our mission.

Along Comes Hope® is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization helping families of children with cancer. We provide support through financial assistance with travel for treatment, creative emotional support programs and advocacy to promote policy changes, awareness and education.

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Along Comes Hope Corporation
Along Comes Hope Corporation
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