American Friends of un TECHO para Mi pais

Together for a POVERTY-FREE World

Our Story

For A Poverty Free World. At TECHO we are convinced that, with your help, poverty can be permanently eradicated in our lifetime. Since 1997, TECHO has worked toward this dream through the promotion of community development in slums, fostering social awareness and action, and through political advocacy. TECHO is actively helping families in extreme need in 19 countries across Latin America. Join TECHO in making a difference today.


A fair and poverty free society, where everyone has the opportunities needed to develop their capacities and fully exercise their rights.

Work tirelessly to overcome extreme poverty in slums, through training and collaborative action of families and youth volunteers. Furthermore, to promote community development, denouncing the situation in which the most excluded communities live. And lastly, to advocate for social policies with other actors in society.

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American Friends of un TECHO para Mi pais
American Friends of un TECHO para Mi pais
2050 SW 22nd Street, Suite 504, Miami FL 33145