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Asia Initiatives (AI) is a global nonprofit that leverages Social Capital to promote healthcare, education and sustainability in underserved communities. After 15 years of working on grassroots projects, AI found that the Social Capital of communities, especially of women, remains unrecognized and is being lost at an alarming rate as development is measured in financial capital alone. Geeta Mehta, co-founder of AI, innovated the Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) methodology based on this insight as a way to empower women and their communities.

At Asia Initiatives, we believe in leveraging the power of social capital to promote healthcare, education and sustainable development. We strive to bring positive changes to the quality of life of people in underserved communities.

With a particular focus on women and their families, our initiatives utilize transformative methodologies and technologies to empower people to realize their full potential. We work with local nonprofits to implement our Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) methodology, which allows people to undertake social good projects, and earn credits for completing those projects that they can redeem for essential products and services.

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Asia Initiatives
Asia Initiatives
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