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Ava’s Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing resources and refuge, that insurance does not cover, to transplant patients and their families, who are unable to access or afford needed treatments and care.

Ava’s Heart foundation provides critically needed care to transplant families who might not otherwise be able to receive a transplant and to those whose loved ones have given the gift of life and need follow up assistance. The patients served through Ava’s Heart often have difficulty being listed because they need to be able to demonstrate their access to care pre-and post transplant, and they might have a limited understanding of how to search for community resources that can help in this effort. Also integral to our mission is to support donor families, raise awareness and educate the public about the challenges transplant patients face,

The mission of Ava’s Heart is to provide resources and case management support services to transplant patients and their families who would otherwise not be able to access the needed treatments and care. While providing support to the donor, the recipient and their families, Ava’s Heart is also committed to raising public awareness about the need for more organ and tissue donors. There are over 122,000 people nationwide waiting, and 22 people dying everyday waiting for the gift of life.

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Ava's Heart
Ava's Heart
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