Bessie's Hope

E-Race Loneliness for Elders in Nursing Homes

Our Story

Bessie’s Hope is a legacy to our co-founder’s grandmother, Bessie “Granny” Stephens. The co-founders are pioneers in intergenerational work. After 26 years, Bessie’s Hope is still the only organization in the nation that brings youth groups, preschool through high school, including residential treatment centers for troubled teens; adult groups; individuals; and families into elder care facilities through structured volunteer programs. Key to the success are the education, training, communication tools and resources necessary to ensure meaningful, comfortable interactions and relationships with elders of all cognitive functioning levels, including advanced Alzheimer's Disease.

Bessie’s Hope enhances the quality of life for nursing home and assisted living elders by bringing generations together in mutually rewarding relationships that honor the human spirit and create life-enriching volunteer opportunities for youth, families, individuals, community organizations and businesses.

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Bessie's Hope
Bessie's Hope
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