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Educating Children, Changing Lives

Our Story

Caring for Cambodia (CFC) strives to make it possible for every Cambodian child to attend school from preschool to 12th grade and to graduate with the skills required for higher education or for obtaining meaningful employment. This enables our students to support their families. to become productive citizens and to give back to their communities. CFC’s long term goals are:
To make higher education an attainable choice throughout Cambodia
To improve early childhood education across the country
To create a sustainable system that will be run and funded by Cambodia

Today, nearly 7,000 students annually attend a school supported by Caring for Cambodia for free. Not only do they have the clean, safe classrooms, textbooks, and school supplies they need but they also receive two meals a day, clean water and sanitation facilities. There are science labs and computer classrooms complete with laptops.

And the teachers? They are paid well; provided with an internationally developed curriculum and trained by experts from the US and Singapore.

Most importantly, CFC schools are recognized by the country’s Minister of Education as the model for K-12 education across Cambodia. Our curriculum is shared with schools nationwide and teachers from across the country come to Siem Reap for training.

Caring for Cambodia (CFC) is educating a generation of Cambodian children today, to make a difference for Cambodia’s tomorrow. Our schools are safe, modern and technologically equipped. We train teachers, provide tools, and remove barriers to learning. We build Cambodian leadership to guide and sustain these schools, so that generations of CFC graduates can reach their highest potential and make valuable contributions to their community.

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Caring for Cambodia Inc.
Caring for Cambodia Inc.
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