Center Against Domestic Violence

Transforming Lives through education, prevention, and intervention.

Our Story

For more than 35 years, the Center Against Domestic Violence has been working towards a society free from violence by offering a range of education, prevention, and intervention programs.

The Center opened the first publicly-funded shelter in New York State and now operates three full-service shelters for survivors and their children, offering childcare, job assistance, housing placement, counseling, and other crucial services. Our groundbreaking education programs teach more than 27,000 public school students each year how to prevent dating violence and have healthy relationships. Additionally, we provide victim advocacy and outreach services to the greater New York City community as part of our efforts to eliminate domestic violence.

Our mission is to eliminate domestic violence in our communities.

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Center Against Domestic Violence
Center Against Domestic Violence
25 Chapel Street, Suite 904, Brooklyn, NY 11201