Christian Men Inc.

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Our Story

Christian Men Inc. is engaged and committed:
1. To create dialogue and communication among male, youth, adults, and seniors;
2. To develop strong fathers, sons, brothers, who are: Committed, Accountable Respected;
3. To facilitate opportunities for collaboration among the faith-based community, the business community and the at-large community.

The mission of Christian Men, Inc. is to develop males, ages 7-80, through the 3 Generation Initiative (3Gi) an intergenerational, Rites of Passage and mentorship program that engages in activities, specifically geared for, and created by black and Brown men and boys. The 3 Generation Initiative, helps to develop three key learning objectives: commitment-accountability and responsibility in seven areas of life: faith, family, finance, career, civic, personal and health.

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Christian Men Inc.
Christian Men Inc.
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