Connecting For Good

Building Communities Through Digital Inclusion

Our Story

Connecting For Good (CFG) exists to provide individuals with the basic Life Skills, Education Skills, and Career Skills needed to thrive in today’s digital world. CFG also ensures access to the technology tools so vital for these skills to blossom

CFG operates two Computer Training and Donation Centers, at 2006 North 3rd Street in Kansas City KS, and 3210 Michigan Avenue in Kansas City, MO--two of Kansas City’s most under resourced neighborhoods. Since 2012, CFG has provided digital literacy training to over 5000 low-income individuals; has built internet networks and computer labs in over 50 housing facilities, community centers, and churches; and has provided over 1500 affordable computer devices to families and organizations in Kansas City’s urban core.

The mission of Connecting For Good (CFG) is to transform the lives of individuals living in poverty by providing basic digital life skills, job skills training for sustainable work, and connected education for parents, students, schools and libraries. Since 2012, CFG has achieved this mission by offering free digital literacy classes and technology job training, free and affordable Internet connectivity, and high quality low cost refurbished computers.

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Connecting For Good
Connecting For Good
2006 N 3rd Street Kansas City, KS 66101