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Dreamweaver is a dynamic international charity with a focus on improving the lives of the most under resourced people around the world. Providing projects in THREE targeted areas of service:




Dreamweaver has a vision to end poverty and also be a catalyst for solving the major challenges of our world. Illiteracy, gender inequality, poverty, ecological damage (depletion), poor leadership, waste management, and many issues need our attention. Working with other organizations, Dreamweaver believes the most important truth in charity work is not to focus on, “who gets the credit”, but instead on “THE IMPACT”. As a result, we constantly analyze opportunities to form strategic partnerships with charities, educational institutions, businesses, and individuals to change the difficult circumstances of peoples’ lives.

Dreamweaver recognizes in order to end poverty and achieve lasting change in the world; policy discussions and programs must fulfill a critical and necessary component. We must dedicate ourselves to empowering people to raise their own standards and become self-sustaining. Billions of dollars have been invested in poverty alleviation programs and progress has been made.
But we are still woefully far from helping the 80% of the population who lives on less than $10/day and the poorest who live on less than $1.25/day.
Dreamweaver’s Mission is:

To Help The Needy Become The Needed

When people move from a place of being needy to a condition of being needed, valued, and wanted, dramatic change occurs. Many experts recognize the clutches of poverty are not only physical lack of resources and opportunity, but are much more. When consulted and asked to express what poverty means to people living in poverty, they sometimes echo words of despair, sadness, and shame. Statements like, “I feel like I don’t count!” “I am worthless!” “I’m ashamed I cannot feed my children!” are words many say and feel. When we counter these bleak and sorrowful emotional realities with new hope and ways to create a place of being needed, poverty alleviation becomes a possible reality.

Dreamweaver has a long and successful history of dramatic accomplishment in East Africa working with the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania. Started by Mr. and Mrs. Ken Taylor, missionaries in Kenya, Dreamweaver created models of care for communities in rural Kenya and within Nairobi. The Taylors had a vision to lead a movement of change that would include teaching Biblical principles, starting churches, creating educational opportunities, and improving the health outcomes for thousands. As they developed strong bonds and relationships with local Kenyan people, they recognized a need for more advanced education in the poorest districts of Kenya.

Thus, they went on a quest to acquire the credentialing and funding to develop The Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies. Located in rural Kimana, Kenya, in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the college has become an icon of HOPE for students who want to change the economy and direction of Africa. As well, Dreamweaver is also building on its 10-acre campus, the most comprehensive multidisciplinary hospital in the region. When completed, the Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital will help over ½ million Maasai and other Africans have access to life saving medicine, surgery, chiropractic, physical therapy, dentistry, and other services. Doctors from the U.S, Europe, and other industrial locations will partner with local Kenyan health officials to give quality care and save lives.

In January 2016, Dreamweaver funded their first primary school on their Kenya campus. The Kimana Christian Academy provides higher standard education for students from age 3 to 12. Giving students access to the tools and resources to be tomorrow’s leaders in Kenya and East Africa, the Kimana Christian Academy, is one of the fastest growing private schools in the region. Since inception, the community has embraced and praises the institution.

Also in January 2016, Dreamweaver launched its first program in the Philippines. The March of Faith Church, located in Polompon, Leyta, will be a house of worship for 150 members and also serve as a community center.

Internationally and within the United States, Dreamweaver is making a significant impact in children’s lives with its Gear for Goals project. Gear for Goals, also called G4G for short, is a powerful sports and arts project that is revolutionizing charity around the world. Moreover, the Gear for Goals project is saving the planet from waste and lowering the carbon footprint.

Dreamweaver is focused and determined to create lasting and sustainable impact that changes lives and is not satisfied with the status quo. Dreamweaver is resolute that everyone deserves to feel valued and needed. Therefore, all programs and partnerships take aim to make sure the basic mission is accomplished.

Dreamweaver successfuly leads projects in many areas of need around the world.

Education Projects
Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies - Kenya, East Africa
Kimana Christian Academy - Kenya, East Africa

Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital - Kenya, East Africa

Gear for Goals Sports/Arts Project - US & International
March of Faith Church - Polompon Leyte, Philippines

Helping the Needy Become Needed

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