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Healthy Child, Healthy Community.No child should be denied healthcare for financial reasons.

Our Story

Thankfully we don't share the plight of some parents who have to think, whether to pay to save one child's life or to feed the others.
Ekam USA provides life-saving medical treatment to underprivileged children and mothers in financial need, with no cost to parents.
Ekam reinforces the existing public health system with limited resources. Ekam provides direct treatment to kids and maintains life-saving medical equipment in working condition, to bring lasting change and community empowerment. Ekam trains nurses, establishes sick child units and trains mothers about nutrition and new-born care at home to prevent infections, etc. Ekam model has successfully reduced infant mortality rate from 21 to 16 per 1,000 live births where it is operational (compared to 42 per 1,000 in rest of India). Ekam has been recognized by the President of India for its work.

To develop a high quality, comprehensive healthcare model that will ensure the care of children/ adolescents up to 19 years, and pregnant mothers regardless of their financial situations by supporting and improving the public health care system.

To support and improve health care for children in financial need.
To remove financial constraints on parents of needy children.
To develop a healthy population by improving awareness through education and preventive programs,
as well as providing direct life-saving medical support to children.
To develop a sense of service in the community by local service projects.

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Ekam USA, Inc
Ekam USA, Inc
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