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Compassion Changes Everything

Our Story

Fellow Mortals has provided care for approximately 50,000 wild birds and mammals since 1985. Medicine, specialized diets, supplies, purpose built caging and hospital and professional staff expense is covered completely by donations. There is no fee charged for the service we provide, making it possible for any compassionate child or adult to find care for an injured or orphaned wild animal.

Fellow Mortals' physical facility is located outside Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, but our philosophy is universal, which was the intent when the mission statement was formulated in 1985. Fellow Mortals is more than a place; it is a living philosophy based on the belief that encouraging compassion in humans toward all life brings out the finest aspects of our humanity.

Along with the goal of helping the injured and orphaned wild ones actually brought to the hospital, the organization hopes to inspire other wildlife rehabilitators and facilities to challenge the established paradigm of euthanizing healthy animals to conserve resources, rather than finding the funding to build the staff and facilities necessary to provide care for all individuals of a species accepted by that rehabilitator or facility.
Fellow Mortals provides care for the injured and orphaned wild creatures found and rescued by the public, many of whom have never before interacted with a wild animal.  Our hospital is equipped to provide care for all species of wild birds and most species of wild mammals. The act of compassion on behalf of a wild creature is often a life-changing experience for the people involved.

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Fellow Mortals Inc.
Fellow Mortals Inc.
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