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Our Story

FixNation works to humanely reduce cat overpopulation and suffering in the City and County of Los Angeles. Founded in 2006, FixNation’s mission is to spay and neuter cats in order to drive down euthanasia rates in LA animal shelters. To date, nearly 150,000 cats have been sterilized—the majority being feral/stray/homeless. FixNation plays a significant role in reducing the number of cats born, languishing and dying on the streets of Los Angeles and in our local shelters.

There are an estimated 1 to 3 million homeless cats living and suffering in Los Angeles. Each year over 35,000 cats are euthanized in Los Angeles County and City animal shelters—many are feral, with no chance of adoption—at great public expense. Homeless cat overpopulation is a massive societal and environmental problem. FixNation is the solution.

FixNation prevents millions of homeless cats from being born only to suffer, which reduces harmful stress on our urban environment, while greatly mitigating the tragic and unnecessary killing of tens of thousands of cats in our local shelters each year.

FixNation's mission is to reduce the population of homeless cats by sterilizing as many as possible while demonstrating the effectiveness of Trap-Neuter-Return and colony management for the humane care of homeless cats.

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Fixnation Inc.
Fixnation Inc.
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