Food for His Children

Individuals, families and communities becoming all God created them to be and discipling others to do the same

Our Story

Food for His Children is a holistic community development organization. We envision communities transformed as they realize their own assets and resources and equip them to find ways to solve problems without outside help. We envision communities that were materially poor finding sustainable means to send their children to school, have good nutrition, be healthy, and restore relationships with God, self, others and the rest of creation.
seeks to equip and empower materially poor families in rural Tanzania to see their worth and purpose and thus be able to support their families.

It starts with a goat! We 'loan' families a dairy goat and give them livestock, agriculture, and entrepreneur training using Biblical values. They give a goat forward to another family and a goat back to the program to help sustain the program. It's microfinance, with goats! Parents are able to send their kids to school, give them 3 meals a day, pay for medical care when needed, build a strong house and start businesses.

Individuals, families and communities in rural Tanzania, Africa becoming all God created them to be and teaching others to do the same.

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Food for His Children
Food for His Children
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