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In 2004, two Kansas City doctors returned from a medical mission trip to Haiti, realizing that the effect of their visit ended when they left. Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom and Dr. Stan Shaffer had a vision of providing ongoing services in rural, under served Haitian communities where high quality maternal and infant health care was absent.

Maison de Naissance, a modern, culturally appropriate maternal center, was established in 2004 in Torbeck, Haiti, and is sponsored by Global Birthing Home Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity based in Leawood, KS. Since its establishment, Maison de Naissance has delivered almost 6,000 healthy babies, and conducted more than 200,000 consultations.

Global Birthing Home Foundation operates in Haiti as a non-governmental organization, shares local oversight of the birth center’s operations, and is responsible for fundraising for all programs and operations.

Your gift will help Maison de Naissance continue to deliver healthy babies to healthy mothers, where every day is a Mother’s Day.

The mission of Global Birthing Home Foundation and Maison de Naissance is to significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in impoverished communities.
In Torbeck, Haiti, the services of a modern maternity center and community health program are offered from the hospitality of a safe, culturally appropriate, and welcoming  home:  a home for birth - Maison de Naissance.

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Global Birthing Home Foundation Inc.
Global Birthing Home Foundation Inc.
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