Global Emergency Care Collaborative

Educating health care workers to save lives

Our Story

Every year, thousands of people in Uganda, many of them children, die needlessly because they don’t have access to quality emergency care. In a country that currently lacks any emergency care physicians, many are dying from easily treatable conditions such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, or injuries because they don’t get the right care or any care at all. Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC) saves lives by training healthcare providers how to recognize and treat these illnesses and injuries quickly and effectively.

GECC runs a two-year train-the-trainer program for non-physician clinicians, in collaboration with local and national institutions. This is building a scalable emergency care system, with our graduates now teaching courses.

What we do works. Since 2009, GECC-trained emergency care practitioners have treated more than 35,000 patients who otherwise would not have received this care. Many more patients are surviving due to the training we’ve provided. Our goal is to grow the program so that all Ugandans will have access to life-saving emergency care.

To prevent needless death and disability from treatable causes

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Global Emergency Care Collaborative
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