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For ten years Heroes to Heroes has been commited to finding a solution for the suicide problem among our veterans. An average of 20 veterans per day choose suicide.

Over 300 veterans of all faiths (99% Christian) have taken our life-saving and life-affirming journeys to Israel, the Holyland. On these journeys, they walk the steps of the Bible to reconnect and find forgiveness. From baptism in the River Jordan to planting trees in the JNF Forest in memory of or in honor of loved ones, the journey to the Holyland is filled with awe and connection. Ten days changes lives. Follow up at home solidifies those changes.

Why forgiveness? In war our soldiers must do things to survive that are abhorrent to them. While in the war zone, all seems somewhat 'normal'. Upon their return home, what was done during war gets processed, and often leads to guilt. Living with this guilt can be a killer. Working through the guilt saves lives.

Heroes to Heroes provides spiritual healing and peer support for American combat veterans who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction.

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Heroes to Heroes Foundation
Heroes to Heroes Foundation
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