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Knots of Love is a non-profit organization that has distributed over 350,000 lovingly handmade knit and crocheted creations to cancer patients and fragile newborn in incubators - for free!

Our mission at Knots of Love is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing traumatic hair loss by knitting and crocheting caps with love. These caps are delivered free of charge to patients across the country. We hope for a day when our services will no longer be needed, but until then our recipients continually tell us that our beanies not only provide warmth as they go through treatment but also provide them an incredible amount of dignity during the most challenging time of their lives. Knots of Love currently donates over 4,000 caps per month. Knots of Love was chosen and highlighted in a video by President William Clinton at the St. Louis All Star Game 2009. Knots of Love donates caps to over 500 cancer treatment centers, infusion centers, hospitals and oncology offices in all 50 states Nationwide. Since its inception in June 2007, we have donated over 200,000 caps. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity, based in Southern California. Knots of Love provides an exclusive gift…Our primary goal is to brighten the lives of those in need with kindness and love. We are dedicated to creating hand-made, heart and head warming knitted and knotted (crocheted) chemo caps for people transitioning through the effects of chemotherapy and other life threatening illness and small blankets for tiny struggling lives in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Knots of Love currently has over 1,000 dedicated and passionate members who donate their time and talent by hand making Caps and NICU blankets through the art of Knit and Crochet. We bring volunteers, patients and families together. Our organization equally helps those making the caps and the patients who receive them. In 2010 Knots of Love established a program where Christine and her volunteers teach young adults in drug rehab centers the art of knit and crochet. ""We are helping to keep the patient's minds off of drugs and hands busy helping others, all the while giving back in a powerful way and learning a fun skill. This program is win win for everyone involved. Giving patients an outlet like this, has been proven effective in the recovery process." Our gift is simple, human warmth and kindness to someone in need. People of all ages are in need of love, kindness and support as they wage the fight of their lives.I have seen the tears of joy when patients are handed a cap made from Knots of Love. It puts a smile on my face and wind in my sails.

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Knots of Love
Knots of Love
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