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Lead My Way’ is training and development center created to support more than just class room instructions. We run a 3 phase program working on: Life Skills, Personal Enrichment and Empowerment, and Professional Development for Work Readiness Skills.

We work with other local, state or nationwide agencies that are direct service providers to domestic violence victims.

Many of us are living in a world of darkness filled with constant fear, sadness, hopelessness, disappointments, and resentment. They live in every part of the world, in every society, in every race and every background. They are young and old, single and married, come from affluent or less fortunate homes! We are talking about Domestic Violence victims and survivors. After the emotional and physical healing, we often forget that many of these survivors depended financially on their abusive partner leaving them unable to take care of themselves.

Our mission is to provide solutions to empower Domestic Violence survivors with inter-personal and professional growth as their physical and emotional healing progresses, we want to support their effort towards financial independence

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Lead My Way
Lead My Way
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