Light from Light, Inc.

Strengthening the foundations of progress in Haitian communities, to empower them for long-lasting change

Our Story

The people of Haiti live with extraordinary poverty and chaos, but a light endures. Light From Light is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that walks and works alongside proven local leaders to support and magnify their work to create change that lasts. United, we feed the flame of hope and healing in Haiti, building its reach far into the future.

At Light from Light, we focus on three main objectives to create sustainable change in Haiti:
(1) Empowering Local Leaders - We befriend and empower those most effectively spreading progress, including our sister organization Lespwa Timoun.
(2) Building Community Cornerstones - We seed and support basic community needs to alleviate suffering and create transformation.
(3) Nurturing Children - We promote and protect the health and potential of children who are the future of Haiti.

Our mission is to strengthen the foundations of progress in Haitian communities, empowering them for long-lasting change.

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Light from Light, Inc.
Light from Light, Inc.
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