Maverick Pet Transportation and Rescue

Saving homeless animals nationwide

Our Story

We are a 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue organization that rescues homeless animals from high kill shelters and places them in loving forever homes. We also provide transport services that help transport homeless animals to other rescues,fosters or forever homes.

Here are some highlights of their plan.

? Rescue the animals from high kill shelters, place them in foster care, rehabilitate, vaccinate and spay or neuter prior to adoption.
? Place the animals in healthy homes so the animals will have long, loving lives.
? Implement a community wide spay and neuter program
? Create a "pay it forward" Transportation program. We will take donations made to our organization or other rescue organizations for transport, and donate some of those funds back, so another animal has a chance as well.
? Raise awareness in communities of the importance of vaccinating and spaying and neutering your animal.
? Create a 4H club that can save shelter animals by placing them with its members. The animals can then be prepared and showcased at various venues for competition, and then be placed in our adoption program.
? Help protect family pets by providing microchip clinics locally and nationally

Maverick Pet Transportation & Rescue's mission is to rescue animals from high kill shelters and provide, to other rescues and adopters, a low cost, reputable, safe and loving transport of animals to their new homes.

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Maverick Pet Transportation and Rescue
Maverick Pet Transportation and Rescue
103 Devonshire Lane, Salisbury, NC 28146