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100K Respite for families of children with special needs

Our Story

We need your help for raising the last 100k to cover our budget of close to 1MM that serves more than 60 families of children with special needs at our summer residential program by giving them a break in the summer to let them tend to their own needs and to recharge for the upcoming year. This time is very precious and is the only 7-week long respite period for the familiy where they can function as normal of a lifestyle as possible. HELP US HELP THEM...

Living with a child with speical needs is a difficult one with daily challanges and around the clock caring and worring for their loved one. The parents are at breaking point many times throughout the uear with the only hope than their child will go away for the summer to a program where they will be cared for in the highest level of care with a full educational program, Therapy, Medical care, and reacreational activities. This camp handles the lower functioning individuals who are more difficult to tend to year round. This is NOT A LUXURY... THIS IS SURVIVAL... HELP US HELP THEM SURVIVE!!!

Our mission is to offer respite and programs to families struggling with the challenge of raising a child with significant disabilities, enhance effective parenting, serve as a center for implementing new and innovative therapies, while providing children with special needs comprehensive programs that support inclusion in the community and foster independence, enabling each one to reach a full potential.

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Menucha Chesed Services
Menucha Chesed Services
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