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Sending girls in rural India to college

Our Story

The Nanubhai Education Foundation's Nanubhai Scholars program sends girls in rural India to college. Many of our Scholars are from historically oppressed castes and ethnic groups. With a college education, they stand to exponentially increase their family's income. Our Scholars also have a stated desire to go back to their villages and make an impact on other girls and women in their communities.

For the past decade, the Nanubhai Education Foundation has worked with rural communities in Gujarat, India. Our Nanubhai Scholars program sends girls to college. These deserving young women, who stand to dramatically increase their family's income and standard of living, would not be able to access higher education without support from Nanubhai and its generous donors.

The Nanubhai Education Foundation works to have a positive impact on financially vulnerable rural students in a scaleable and sustainable way. For the past decade we have worked closely with communities in Gujarat, India.

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Nanubhai Education Foundation
Nanubhai Education Foundation
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