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Our Story

New Classrooms Innovation Partners (“New Classrooms”) was born from the belief that today’s model for delivering education - one teacher and 28 or so students in a classroom - does not sufficiently account for each student’s needs.

Its flagship model, Teach to One: Math, uses resources from multipleclassrooms combined into one open space, to give each student a targeted, individualized learning experience with instruction delivered at the right academic level, using the most suitable instructional format, for each student, each day.

The space in a Teach to One: Math classroom has been entirely redesigned. Students may work on their own, in small groups, or with teachers, all on different skills at the same time. How and what each student is learning and when is based on his or her personalized learning plan. These personalized learning plans are generated daily by a complex algorithm that is described in more detail above. Teachers use the learning plans to provide personalized instruction based on each student’s learning style and academic level.

In the 2012-13 school year, this approach replaced the traditional mathematics instruction for overs 3,500 students in eight schools in NYC, Chicago, and Washington, DC. In 2013-14, New Classrooms is expanding to serve a total of 6,000 students in 15 schools in NYC, Chicago, Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; Perth Amboy, NJ; Elizabeth, NJ; and Newark, NJ.

Our mission is to redesign the classroom in ways that both integrate multiple instructional approaches and leverage the collective talents of teachers to enable personalized learning.

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