NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative

Rising up against ovarian cancer

Our Story

We are empowering every woman -- and the men who love them -- to recognize the symptoms of ovarian cancer and assess their personal risk for the disease. Our goal is to decrease the incidence and mortality rates for a disease nobody talks about and for which there is no screening test.

Our BEAT the BIG O Campaign and Sisterly Advice programs speak to women on the street about the symptoms and risk factors. Our RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project addresses front-line healthcare providers so that they can help symptomatic patients receive an earlier diagnosis as well as reduce their risks.

Our mission is to create public awareness, promote early detection and support research for ovarian cancer -- the silent killer of women.

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You can impact NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative by joining our Footprints journey and by becoming a fundraiser. Join a campaign and download the Charity Footprints' free mobile fitness application and #GetFitGiveBack.

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NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative
NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative
1612 Second Avenue, Rock Island, IL, 61201