Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund

Dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS

Our Story

The Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund was organized by Barbara and Jackie Cooper following the death of their son to AIDS. Dealing with this devastating disease firsthand compelled them to reach out to others suffering from HIV/AIDS and those vulnerable to the disease. Their friends, Toni Wizenberg, Steve Daniels, Richard May, Patricia Edwards and James Vallion formed the founding board. Since its inception in 1991, the goal of the Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund has been to help provide system supports to individuals and groups offering education, research and direct services to fight HIV/AIDS throughout the state. Additionally, an emergency assistance program is run directly by the fund to help with utility, rent and medical needs of HIV/AIDS patients and their families.

The Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund (OACF) is committed to a comprehensive approach to combating HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma. It is understood that the HIV services in Oklahoma are only as strong as their providers. OACF supports its HIV service partners by insuring they have the resources and tools needed for developing and maintaining their community-based initiatives. Our annual grants program provides financial support to local HIV/AIDS agencies and programs.Grants are limited to organizations located within and provide services in the state of Oklahoma. Proceeds from Red Tie Night, OACF's annual fundaiser, provides most of the funds for our grant.

To help provide system support to individuals and groups offering education, prevention, direct services and research to fight HIV/AIDS throughout the State of Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund
Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund
6608 N. Western Avenue, #219, Oklahoma City, OK 73116