Only With Consent, Inc.

Only do it with consent

Our Story

Only With Consent (OWC) was born in 2011 during a discussion by two survivors of rape about the sexual assault epidemic at Penn State University. Since becoming its own nonprofit in 2014, OWC has trained people of all different ages about consent to confront rape culture and generate culture of consent.

OWC teaches people not to rape through engaging and interactive workshops lead by founders Jasmin Enriquez and Mike Friedman. The workshops use a discussion-based approach that allows participants to explore vulnerable questions related to rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, how to support a survivor, and healthy relationships. By upsetting rape culture, and generating consent culture, we will help create a safe space for people across the world.

Only With Consent is dedicated to stopping sexual violence through consent and health education. We exist to provide resources to young people so that they can make healthy choices.

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Only With Consent, Inc.
Only With Consent, Inc.
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