Renz Addiction Counseling Center

Dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

Our Story

Renz Center is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier lives. Through evidence-based alcohol, drug and gambling prevention and treatment programs, we deliver effective and professional services with integrity and compassion. Specific services include alcohol, drug and problem gambling treatment, in addition to prevention programs for substance use, gangs/violence, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Renz Center's Clinical Services team provides Outpatient/ Intensive Outpatient Adolescent Services; Family Programs; Outpatient/Intensive Outpatient Adult Services; DUI Services, Passage For Women, and problem and compulsive gambling programs. Our Prevention Services team has been teaching youth alcohol, drug and tobacco prevention education programs in various schools districts and after school programs. Our team also works closely with the Coalition For a Safe and Healthy Elgin, a coalition of local business, social service, law enforcement, and healthcare leaders, who provide alcohol, drug, and gang prevention education, And finally, our HIV Prevention Services team provides education, outreach, support groups, risk-reduction counseling, partner notification and free HIV testing. Renz Center also has special programs that reach out to specific populations, including the homeless, minority women and individuals involved in the legal system.

Established in 1961, Renz Center is a nonprofit agency dedicated to empowering people to lead healthier lives.

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Renz Addiction Counseling Center
Renz Addiction Counseling Center
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