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Our Story

Ride On St. Louis was founded in 1998 and is a comprehensive therapy, condition and learning center serving children and adults with disabilities, the at-risk and veterans. Our programs are designed to reach each client individually to achieve the greatest results. Our approach to equine-assisted activities and therapies through customized procedures seeks to improve abilities, bolster the activities of daily living and improve function through a variety of areas such as strength, balance and coordination, respiration, cognitive and social development among other areas. Through a holistic approach we pursue the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and/or spiritual developments and achievements of our clients. The equine gait pattern is within 90 degrees and centimeters of natural human pelvis movement. Because equine movement mirrors human ambulation the body gains strength through its adjustment and response to the horse's gait. Clients experience about 4,500 repetitions during the hour treatment session.

The following is an expert from a parent of a Ride On St. Louis client: "I cannot express enough how amazing this program has been for Noah! Noah has cerebellar atrophy, an extremely rare progressive disease affecting the brain. Before he started [equine assisted occupational therapy], Noah tended to be in a bad mood most of the time. He was constantly sick, had no motivation to walk or talk and got frustrated easily. After one [11 week] session of hippotherapy he has started walking with a gait trainer, occasionally speaking short sentences and has started to take an interest in climbing. His teacher reports he has more interest in learning... he has blossomed into a happy little boy. I could not imagine taking Noah out of this program. It has truly changed his life."

Please consider supporting children like Noah!

Ride On St. Louis was founded to promote health and enrich lives through love, joy and holistic healing.

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