San Diego Animal Support Foundation

Increasing Adoptions from Animal Shelters & Rescue Agencies

Our Story

We feature adoptable pets on television and/or radio every day from the 30+ local shelters and rescues within our network. (we have done so for 16-years, featuring more than 5,000 adoptable pets)

We host and organize well-publicized, well-attended quarterly MEGA Adoption events, featuring an average of 150 to 300 adoptable animals from our local shelters and rescues. Our events are consistently among the most successful adoption events in San Diego. (109 adoptions at our last Santa Paws event). Events are free to the public, and free to legitimate rescues and shelters.
We also fund free spay/neuter surgeries for responsible pet owners and other projects as the need arises.

The San Diego Animal Support Foundation's main goal is to match shelter and rescue animals with good, stable families, in order to lower the number of animals killed in our shelters. Encouraging and increasing adoption numbers from legitimate agencies is our #1 priority.

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San Diego Animal Support Foundation
San Diego Animal Support Foundation
PO BOX 880133, San Diego, CA, 92168