Santa Barbara County Trails Council

Supporting Trail Access for Outdoor Recreation for Everyone

Our Story

The Trails Council was formed in 1967 for the purpose of protecting, enhancing and sustaining our countywide network of trails. From the beginning, the organization’s emphasis has been to create opportunities for all trail users to access local recreation resources. Over the years we have supported the expansion of the county’s trail and open space infrastructure to continually improve nature-based recreation. To achieve our goals, we provide guidance and effective management for trail planning, construction and maintenance projects for local, state and federal government agencies. We maintain a year-round recreational hiking program, a volunteer supported trail maintenance program, and a countywide health and fitness initiative in partnership with members of the healthcare and recreation community.

The Trails Council takes pride in the measurable ways we have made our community a better place to live. With a unique blend of tenacity and collaboration, persistence, and patience, our volunteers sustain the organization and fulfill our mission. We take pride that we have devoted decades of stewardship of a community resource that we are charged with sustaining and improving for future generations to enjoy. Our strength is in our ability to bring together people and organizations to accomplish goals that will outlast our individual lifetimes. Ultimately our success is measured by the number of people who take advantage of our community’s trail system to achieve the innumerable health and well-being benefits that come with tapping into an outdoor lifestyle.

The Santa Barbara County Trails Council (Trails Council) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has worked to improve our local community for over fifty years.

Our mission is to protect public trail access, build and maintain safe and sustainable trails, and promote public engagement in land stewardship and trail use for all types of outdoor recreation.

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Santa Barbara County Trails Council
Santa Barbara County Trails Council
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