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Crime victim advocacy organization. We support victims of crime and work to prevent crime. We give presentations to the general public, teachers, students, police, medical personnel, about domestic violence, child sexual abuse, rape, homicide - crimes that can be prevented. We help give victims a voice - speaking out about crime victim injustice, and help the victims tell their truth.

To prevent crime we go to the source - incarcerated men and women. We go into prisons and jails and facilitate weekly victim impact classes to incarcerated men and women to help them understand the impact of their crime and to become accountable men and women. 98% of the incarcerated population WILL return to our community. We want them coming back as accountable citizens, ready to make amends for their past, and look to the future.

To engage and empower victims and citizens in the effort to reduce violent crime.

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Tennessee Voices For Victims
Tennessee Voices For Victims