The Alex Mandarino Foundation

Because kids need a cure.

Our Story

To fund research for childhood cancer.

The Alex Mandarino Foundation was founded in 2013 by Tony & Katie Mandarino to honor the courage and strength of their son, Alex. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Its goal is to help save the lives of children with cancer.

Most pediatric cancer treatments have not significantly improved in the past 20 years. Without funding, progress cannot be made to find a cure for childhood cancers or improve the effectiveness of their treatments. For our most vulnerable family members, this is unacceptable. That is why The Alex Mandarino Foundation exists.

To provide critical funding for research related to the prevention, treatment, and ultimate cure of neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. We also provide financial assistance to families with children battling cancer in Southwest Michigan.

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The Alex Mandarino Foundation
The Alex Mandarino Foundation
1409 Wolcott Ave, St Joseph, MI, 49085