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Twisted Pink is a volunteer driven organization with a mission to cure breast cancer by funding metastatic breast cancer research while exposing the hidden statistics of the disease.

Why Twisted Pink?
On Memorial Day weekend of 2013, I attended a party and explained to one of my dearest friends that I was waiting for the results of a breast biopsy that was performed after finding a lump in my left breast.  The following week on June 4, 2013, my radiologist called me with the news that I indeed have breast cancer.  All I could think about was getting the cancer out of my body!
I was once month shy of my 40th birthday when I was diagnosed, and unfortunately, already all too familiar with visits to medical specialist.  My youngest son was born with an extremely rare chromosome deletion in 2005.  This condition was the cause of Michael being born deaf/blind.  He would later experience developmental delays and Epilepsy.  I had spent the past 7 years visiting specialist and learning how to become an advocate for my son.
I started Twisted Pink in June 2014 after I had completed chemotherapy, radiation and several surgeries.  After completing my treatment, I wanted to do something for the men and women who were being left behind the pink ribbon!
Several of the friends I made during my treatment had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) after being in remission for years.  I was interested in learning why they were experiencing metastasis after the 5 year survival rate that most people deem the cancer free anniversary!
Twisted Pink has donated $220,000 to research since June 2014.

The mission of Twisted Pink is to end breast cancer deaths by funding Metastatic Breast Cancer Research while exposing the hidden statistics about the disease. Twisted Pink serves all U.S. research institutions and metastatic breast cancer patients. We aim to engage survivors to support those fighting a life long battle against breast cancer.

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Twisted Pink Inc
Twisted Pink Inc
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