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For homeless New Yorkers, the way home.

Our Story

UP’s supportive housing residences and apartment buildings have demonstrated to be a cost-effective approach to help formerly homeless individuals live more stable, productive lives. These residences combine affordable housing with an array of rehabilitative, treatment, vocational, and self-help services which, for some residents, result in moving onto more independent housing. UP’s Scatter Site Program consists of 129 units that provide more independent and private living in apartments across three boroughs.

Our five street-outreach programs serve as points-of-entry to our emergency and housing services. Each program helps people leave the streets through referrals, engagement in treatment, basic services and transitional housing. Complementing outreach is The Olivieri Drop-In Center (West 30th Street) which offers immediate health and social services. UP’s safe havens provide social services and temporary housing for homeless individuals who have not successfully engaged in conventional housing. In the upcoming fiscal year, UP aims to expand our scope of services with a forthcoming Housing Partnership Program in which we will combine our expertise in social service provision with the property management capacities of housing-development non-profits. This innovative approach to supportive housing is set to launch in 2014.

Our mission is to provide homeless New Yorkers with the services and assistance they need to become stable, develop their ability to live independently and move into permanent housing. We currently offer the following services: outreach programs, our drop-in center, safe havens (temporary housing), supportive housing residences and apartment buildings, and the scatter-site housing program.

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Urban Pathways Inc.
Urban Pathways Inc.
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