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Our Story

The Veterinary Critical Care Society (VCCS) was established as an outgrowth of the Intensive Care Committee which was formed in 1964 as a subcommittee of the American Animal Hospital Association Circulatory Disease and Cardiology Committee. Prior to the AAHA meeting that same year in Miami, Florida, the Intensive Care Committee first met with Dr Robert Knowles serving as the chair. At this meeting, Dr Fred Satiler, along with Dr William Whitick and Dr. Knowles, conducted the first wet lab with the focus on cardiac arrest and resuscitation. Approximately 15 veterinarians attended the daylong wet lab and training programs have been presented each year since that time.
The VCCS formerly organized in 1978 and the Veterinary Anesthesia Society merged with the VCCS in 1983. The name of the organization was changed to the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) when the American Association of Veterinary Emergency Clinicians joined the Society in July 1984. Membership has grown from approximately 200 in 1985 to over 5,000 today. The membership represents a variety of areas of veterinary medicine, including private general practice, specialty referral practice, emergency practice, and teaching institutions. Membership is worldwide, with representation from more than 25 countries located on every continent.

Supporting the veterinary healthcare team to improve the delivery and quality of emergency and critical care.

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Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
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