Viet Dreams Foundation

We are devoted to giving clean drinking water to underprivileged children in Vietnam

Our Story

100% of every dollar donated goes to our projects.

Some of our projects include donating bicycles and helmets, granting scholarships, medical supplies, workshops and most recently, providing access to clean drinking water , which will reduce water-borne illness among children. Our organization also collaborates with local networks and other non-profit organizations such as Hope for Tomorrow, ICAN, Friends of Vinh Son, Fund for Vietnam, Children of Vietnam and Because Vietnam in order to successfully create an environment where every child is safe, self-sufficient, and able to pursue their education.

But what sets our organization apart is our unwavering commitment and passion. We are devoted to giving these children a healthier lifestyle and a promising educational future. Our efforts are focused on children living in the poorer, rural areas of Vietnam. We do not discriminate among ethnic backgrounds, religions, minorities or medical circumstances. Every child deserves our assistance.

We use our musical talents to raise the necessary funds to support our projects. The majority of our funding coming from benefit concerts, auctions, sponsors, and selling CDs and various artworks. We hope that our efforts and commitment will serve as a powerful reminder that there are many children in Vietnam who still need our help. Our goal is to give these children an opportunity of a lifetime and to make their dreams a reality. "Clean Water in Vietnam - A Project of Viet Dreams"

Viet Dreams is a 501(c)(3) charity non-profit organization founded by musicians, artists, and music enthusiasts who all share a common goal – to provide disadvantaged children in Vietnam and United States with better educational opportunities and a more healthy, sustainable way of living. It is our duty to provide these children with vital medical supplies and educational assistance so that they may live better lives and one day fulfill their dreams.

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Viet Dreams Foundation
Viet Dreams Foundation
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