Voices of Hope for Aphasia

Communicate confidently, live fully

Our Story

Nearly 2 million people in the United States live with aphasia, a communication disability that makes it difficult to say what you mean or to understand what others are saying. Our programs help people living with aphasia to reconnect to their lives and the community.

Over 40% of people who have strokes will end up with difficulty communicating, a condition known as aphasia. We help people with aphasia get back to living their lives, by using supported communication techniques, offering support, information, and resources. We also help their families with specialized caregiver programs and family-focused events.

Voices of Hope for Aphasia reconnects people, living with aphasia, with their lives through innovative programs. Our programs:

- rebuild self-esteem through successful experiences,
- improve the communication accessibility of the community,
- foster communication in groups,
- provide training and tools to improve relationships with family and friends,
- and educate the public about aphasia.

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Voices of Hope for Aphasia
Voices of Hope for Aphasia
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