Yahweh RYSE

Recharging the Youth to Serve In Excellence

Our Story

Yahweh RYSE is an organization that serves to train up the next generation to serve in excellence in their communities, churches and homes worldwide. We strive to remove the clichés of “growing up in the church” and rebuild the hunger for a genuine relationship with Christ and the discipline for the arts. Yahweh RYSE services to youth from ages 5 to 18 with content that is suitable to the age group.

Established in 2015, Yahweh RYSE has been able to serve more than 150 youth from across the city of Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas, through its Fine Arts Boot Camp, and continues to grow. Yahweh RYSE works with the expectation of going against the grain and breaking the traditions of growing young people in and out of the church and presenting the same Gospel in a way that reaches them right where they are.

Yahweh RYSE is more than just an organization and a movement. It is a family of individuals who are determined to see the next generation be more than successful, but impactful. We believe in raising a generation that no longer looks to emulate what is around them, but truly aspires to be generational changers through a personal relationship with Christ and be the difference makers that change the world and build the Kingdom of God.

Bridging the gap between ministry and fine arts as we develop healthy characters and confidence in the next generations.

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You can impact Yahweh RYSE by joining our Footprints journey and by becoming a fundraiser. Join a campaign and download the Charity Footprints' free mobile fitness application and #GetFitGiveBack.

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Yahweh RYSE
Yahweh RYSE
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