Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation

Promoting Respect and Kindness Through Holocaust Education.

Our Story

As a young Jewish boy in Poland, Mark Schonwetter survived the Holocaust, along with his mother and sister, by hiding in the forests as well as in the homes of righteous Polish families.
Over the last few years, Mark and his daughters Ann Arnold and Isabella Fiske, have been sharing his story of survival with adults of all ages as well as students all over the Northeast. In 2016, Ann put her father's story in writing and published her first book, Together A Journey for Survival. Through Ann & Isabella's travels and speaking engagements they discovered one of the biggest obstacles that schools face with Holocaust Education is budget restraints.
As a result, they have established the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to raise funds to allow schools to apply for grants that will aide them in purchasing materials and funding programs that will enhance Holocaust curriculum.

Expand and support Holocaust Education for students by providing funds to enable educators to teach the lessons learned from the past and how they relate to today.
Our Vision is to inspire students to create a world where all people are treated equally and with kindness and respect.

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Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation
Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation
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