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The objects of the United States Olympians & Paralympians Association shall be:

To help achieve and maintain international understanding, peace and goodwill through sport competitions among nations, based on the principles of ancient Greek Olympic ideals of sportsmanship;
To stimulate national interest in the Olympic and Paralympic Games;
To cooperate with the U.S. Olympic Committee in advancing the Olympic ideal of excellence, including securing financial aid therefore;
To assist Team USA athletes of promise with their development, training, and competition in sports embraced in the Olympic and Paralympic program; and
To maintain fellowship among Olympic and Paralympic competitors and members of the official delegations of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team through association at stated meetings, and, in furtherance thereof, to stimulate and sponsor the formation of chapters of such Olympic competitors and associates throughout the United States, and to exercise supervision and control over the policies of such constituent chapters.

USOPA aims to build a comprehensive national association of Olympians and Paralympians. In furtherance of this goal, the organization shall facilitate the formation of local chapters; help members promote Olympism and Paralympic values in their communities; and encourage members to stay engaged in the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

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US Olympians & Paralympians Association
US Olympians & Paralympians Association
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