It’s time to take action for HAE!
Thank you for registering to participate in the 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge.
We are delighted that you have chosen to join us in this year’s HAE IN-MOTION® Challenge! There is no better way to take advantage of bright, summer days than by getting active to raise awareness for HAE. More importantly, we are doing it united, as a team! Now that you have registered to participate, we invite you to ask friends and family to join you in this nationwide 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge!
What is the 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge?
The 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge initiative is a six week-long community virtual walk, run, or ride that allows you to log in your steps and share your exercise goals directly on our site! By participating, you will help us reach our target of 50,000 miles by July 31, 2021, and raise funds in support of key HAEA programs.
The HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge allows participants to add their steps with others from around the country. We also have created several national challenges to keep you motivated throughout the event.
The 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge is easy and convenient because it works with your daily routine to log in steps on behalf of HAE awareness. Whether you run, walk, do yoga, play hoops, or simply do house cleaning, your steps will be counted towards our goal of reaching 50,000 miles by July 31, 2021.
Whatever your activity is, you can join us by tracking through this website and/or the easy-to-use, Charity Footprints App. The mobile app will enable you to join teams, update your steps and upload photos for awards! Whatever activity you do, we want you to track your steps to help us reach our 50,000 mile goal to spread HAE awareness and raise funds! You can also pair your FitBit, Apple Watch or Garmin to the app to track your steps!
How does the the 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge work?
Is there a cost to participate?
There is no cost to participate in the 2021 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge! You can participate as an individual or a team, and can share your journey on the website, or by using the Charity Footprints App. Whichever way you choose to participate, make sure to invite your friends and family members to join you! Individuals and teams will have the opportunity to fundraise through the website.
How do I share my progress?
You can log your steps and share your exercise goals directly on our site (we will even send you a pedometer), or pair your FitBit, Apple Watch or Garmin to the app to have your steps uploaded automatically!! You can also submit photos to our campaign scrapbook page, and help recruit friends and family to participate!
Will there be awards?
Well, of course! We want everyone to have fun with this event, and have created some fun award categories, as described below:
PHOTO-based awards:
Each week, a photo challenge will be posted. The winner will be selected by our elite panel of judges based on photos shared in the Charity Footprints Scrapbook. Weekly photo challenge winners, and the grand prize winner will each receive fabulous prizes! Remember to add these hashtags when posting so we can sort your photos:
1. Week one: Swag 6/14-6/21 #HAEINMOTIONswag
a. Post a photo of your HAE IN-MOTION® swag for your chance to win HAEA Swag!
i. Show off your race shirt and bag in a fun photo.
*Photo must be posted by midnight 6/21 to be eligible!
2. Week two: Fun photo 6/21-6/28 #HAEINMOTIONfun
a. Post a photo of you or your crew having fun for your chance to win HAEA Swag!
i. A family walk, playing in the backyard, or at the park.
*Photo must be posted by midnight, 6/28 to be eligible!
3. Week three: Scenic 6/28-7/05 #HAEINMOTIONscenic
a. Post a scenic photo for your chance to win HAEA Swag!
i. This can be a beautiful place you visited, your favorite trail, a lovely sunrise or any scenic photo you choose to share.
*Photo must be posted by midnight 7/05 to be eligible!
4. Week Four: Pets 7/05-7/12 #HAEINMOTIONpets
a. Post a picture of your pet and you could win a prize!!!
*Photo must be posted by midnight 7/12 to be eligible!
5. Week Five: Trails7/12-7/19 #HAEINMOTIONtrails
a. Show us a photo of your favorite trail for your chance to win!
*Photo must be posted by midnight 7/19 to be eligible!
6. Week Six: Family 7/19-7/31 #HAEINMOTIONfamily
a. Submit a great family photo for your chance to win!
*Photo must be posted by midnight 7/31 to be eligible!
Team Networking awards:
Each week the team which grows the most wins a fun family game! Add members to your team and increase your network. A grand prize of a Portable Cornhole Toss Set will be awarded to the team captain of the largest team!
Step awards:
Each week the participant with the most steps for the week will win a hydration pack. The person with the most steps posted throughout the challenge will be eligible to win a hiking backpack.
Fundraising awards:
Custom HAEA sunglasses will be given to the person generating the most fundraising each week. A grand prize bluetooth speaker will be awarded to the person with the most overall fundraising on July 31st.
COMPLETED: 36,135 miles
TARGET: 50,000 miles
RAISED: $ 14,320
TARGET: $ 25,000
You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. ~ Sue Fitzmaurice
Come join us and leave your footprints by traveling around the US & Puerto Rico!
Register for the campaign and set your fitness & fundraising targets.
Share your story and raise funds & awareness.
Track workouts anywhere & anytime and complete goal.
To lead a nationwide advocacy movement that focuses on increasing HAE awareness and education, empowering access to suitable treatment, and fostering ground-breaking research that includes searching for a cure.

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How Your Participation Helps
Your charitable contribution to the US HAEA helps our organization provide a wide range of services to patients and their families. With your support, we can bolster our services and programs, improve HAE education and awareness, and expand HAE research. Contributions to the HAEA are tax-deductible.

Funds raised through the 2020 HAE IN-MOTION® Virtual Challenge will support the following three programs:

-The Pam King HAEA Scholarship Program, which offers college tuition grants to HAE patients
-The Chris Whalen HAEA Compassion Fund, which offers financial assistance for patients in need who must travel to see an HAE medical specialist
-The HAEA Research Fund, which supports a variety of research initiatives including the HAEA Scientific Registry
What is Charity Footprints?

Charity Footprints is a social enterprise that connects fitness and charitable giving. We empower people just like you, to get fit & give back.

Our Virtual Races allow non-profits to challenge their patrons to run, walk or ride and raise funds just as they would in a fundraising walkathon. The best part - charities save over 45% in event and logistical costs. So, the dollars that you pay to register or fundraise, go farther.

What is the campaign registration fee?

This campaign is free to participate in.

However, we encourage you to donate optional/suggested amount during registration or you can always donate any amount on your fundraising page after the registration.

How can I create my fundraising page?

Well, you wouldn't have to create a separate fundraising page. Once you register for this campaign, we'll give you the link to your fundraising page.

How will I track my distance?

You can track your workouts by setting up your devices (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Google Fit, Misfit, Strava), or download the Charity Footprints' iOS or Android app and track your workouts toward this campaign.

If you workout indoors (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike etc.), you can upload your workouts here.

How do I join a team on this campaign?

While registering for the campaign, select the team you'd like to join or create a new team and invite others to #GetFitGiveBack with you. If you want to join a team (or create your team) after registration, login to the campaign site and you would find a link to edit "My Team" in the menu under your profile in the header.

I am an international donor (non-US), what are my donation charges and tax-deductibility?

All donations are made in US dollars, so the donations may be levied an exchange rate fee via your bank. Donors will want to connect with their bank to determine exactly what that fee may be. Additionally, international donors will need to reach out to a tax professional to discuss if and how tax deductibility will apply to their donation.

Who can sponsor my fundraising efforts?

The short answer is - everyone. The fundraising research shows that the number one reason for people not donating is that they weren't asked to.

That said, there are things you can do to attract people to sponsor you. Adding a picture to your fundraising page, telling potential donors why this cause is so personal to you, sharing your fundraising page on social media, email, and chat groups.

Last, if your employer has a gift matching program, check with the human resources department to support your favorite cause as well.

Who can I contact if I need help?

You can contact us any time if you need help. We love hearing from our users so please don't hesitate to write to us about issues, suggestions, or to just say hi. You can also contact the non-profit administrator directly if you would like.

How do I change or switch my team?

If you want to join a team (or create your team) after registration, login to the campaign site and you would find a link to edit "My Team" in the menu under your profile in the header.