IFFGD's 2024 Virtual Digestive Health Wellness & Walk Event:

A Unique Charitable Event with Achievable Goals for All

Registration Opens Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Event dates are Saturday, July 6, 2024 - July 13, 2024


Event Overview

The IFFGD 2024 Virtual Digestive Health Wellness and Walk Event is a charitable event to raise money to support gastrointestinal illness research.


Like a traditional walk event, participants register to walk and be active to get credit for steps taken during the event. However, this event goes beyond a step goal by also awarding points to participants for self-care, wellness, and outreach activities.


By adding these alternative activities, we hope that anyone that wants to participate, can participate. #Moves4GIhealth24


Event Dates

The virtual event will span 8 days starting on Saturday, July 6, 2024, and ending Saturday, July 13, 2024.


Who Can Participate?

Anyone that wants to participate, can participate! The event is designed for both athletic and non-athletic participants. And it is all virtual!


The event will provide goals that can be achieved by people of varying abilities as activities will focus strongly on wellness, self-care, traditional and non-traditional fitness activities. Goals will go beyond physical fitness by encouraging participants to schedule a doctor’s appointment or colonoscopy, try a new gut-friendly recipe, or start a diary of their food and/or symptoms.


Participants are awarded points for wellness, self-care, outreach, and physical activity which allows anyone regardless of mobility to participate.


Event Registration Details

The event registration offers four levels to participants. The higher the level selected, the more benefit for the registrant. Note: Bronze level registration does not include a t-shirt. Event t-shirts will be mailed at the conclusion of the event. Due to cost, t-shirts will not be mailed outside of the continental United States.


Participant Activities

There are many ways for participants to earn points regardless of fitness level and mobility. Event categories include self-care activity, physical activity, and fundraising.

  • Self-Care\Wellness Activity: Participants will enter self-care activities in the event platform to receive the points allotted for the activity. A few of the activities include scheduling a healthcare provider appointment, reading, meditation, keeping a food\symptom diary, donating, volunteering, hydrating, and posting pictures in event scrapbook. View the full list of self-care activities available here.
  • Physical Activity: Steps and activities earn points toward your overall total. Whether you are an occasional exerciser or training for a marathon. Everyone can participate at their own level. Several fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Health Kit (Apple Watch), and more can be linked to the event platform to sync steps. Steps can also be entered manually through the mobile application or website.
  • Fundraising: Upon registration, a fundraising page is created for each participant. Participants can share this page on their social platforms or with supporters directly to get donations to support their involvement in the event. Participants receive points for donations made on their fundraising page, but they are not required to fundraise.

IFFGD Event Activities

During the event, IFFGD will utilize the event platform chat to engage participants while offering opportunities to earn wellness points. Some of the week’s activities include:

  • Posting links to videos on IFFGD’s YouTube channel
  • Sharing educational fact sheets and recipes from IFFGD’s publication library
  • Hosting a special 1-hour in-person & livestream Jazzercise exercise event (Date TBD) featuring a mix of cardio, stretch, and strength training. Hosted by IFFGD at Jazzercise - Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
  • Hosting a virtual Scientific Article Journal Club with Dr. Amol Sharma on Monday, July 8th 1:00 p.m. EST
  • Hosting a virtual Scientific Article Journal Club with Dr. Kyle Staller on Wednesday, July 10th 1:00 p.m. EST
  • Unveiling of IFFGD coloring sheets created by artist, Kayla Griffin
  • Video Premier of cooking demonstrations of GI-friendly recipes hosted by registered dietitians
Want to learn more about IFFGD? Visit www.iffgd.org

Proceeds for Gastrointestinal Research

One of the event goals is to raise money to support gastrointestinal (GI) illness research while providing education and raising awareness about chronic gastrointestinal illnesses.

The event proceeds will be used to support gastrointestinal illness research.

      • Overall Individual Fundraising Goal: $10,000
      • Individual Fundraising Goal: $50.00

In 2022, IFFGD awarded a $30,000 gastrointestinal illness research grant made possible by the proceeds from the 2021 Virtual Wellness event, Make Moves for GI Health.


In 2023, IFFGD awarded $50,000 in grants to support gastrointestinal illness made possible by the proceeds from the 2022 event, IFFGD's 2022 Virtual Digestive Health Wellness and Walk.


Our goal for the 2024 event is to match the prior grant award through individual registrants fundraising and our sponsors.


Event Awards

Participating in a fun and worthwhile event is rewarding, but it can be exciting to win an accolade for an accomplishment. This year’s event offers the opportunity for registrants to win small awards as individuals and as part of a team.


A medal is awarded to winners for the Top Wellness score, Top Engagement score, Top Fundraising, and 1st Place Steps.


A special medal is awarded to the Top 3 Footprints scores for Platinum registrants.


Members of the Top Team receive a certificate.

Note: In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by drawing from eligible winners. *Only Platinum level registrants are eligible for Footprints medal.

Next Steps

  • Register, Donate, or both
  • Share on social media and with family and friends #Moves4GIhealth24
  • Recruit others to create a team, have more competition, or to raise more for research
  • Participate to support research for GI illness and have fun

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get credit for my physical and wellness activities? Steps can be automatically linked to the event by linking your fitness tracker or manually entered. Other physical or wellness activities will need to be entered in Charity Footprints by logging in and selecting Add New Activities. The list of options will be available in the drop down.
  • Can I participate if I don’t have a fitness tracker? Yes! Keep track of your steps or miles using a pedometer, your phone, or other device. Then manually enter the steps into Charity Footprints.
  • Can I get credit for physical activity i.e. swimming, weightlifting, housework, etc.? Yes, use the exercise conversion chart provided to translate the activity into steps. Then enter the steps manually into Charity Footprints.
  • Do I have to fundraise? Fundraising is not required to participate. However, this is an activity that will get you more points toward your total and more funding for the research grant for gastrointestinal illness research.
  • What if I want to be on a team but don’t have one? You can email jmdumont@iffgd.org and request to be added to an IFFGD team. We are always happy to have new members!
  • My steps are not showing from my activity tracker? Check to verify that you have sync your tracker to its application. Then open the Charity Footprints application. This should sync the steps. Email jmdumont@iffgd.org or use the chat in the event if you need more assistance.

Have other questions? Contact jmdumont@iffgd.org or watch our event informational video.


We are grateful to our sponsors of this event:



















Campaign Engagement
This campaign offers numerous ways to get involved and earn points! Whether you’re posting in the scrapbook, leaving comments, chatting with others, or sending invitation emails, every action counts. Refer to the CAMPAIGN ENGAGEMENT POINTS CHART below to see how each activity earns points and start participating now to boost your score.
COMPLETED: 14,573,642 points
TARGET: 5,000,000 points
COMPLETED: 28,454,113 steps
TARGET: 10,000,000 steps
RAISED: $ 32,021
TARGET: $ 15,000
You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. ~ Sue Fitzmaurice
Come join us and leave your footprints along the intestinal track!
Register for the campaign and set your fitness & fundraising targets.
Share your story and raise funds & awareness.
Track workouts anywhere & anytime and complete goal.
Our mission is to inform, assist, and support people affected by gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. We raise awareness about the serious impact these disorders can have on the lives of patients as well as provide information about treatment and management approaches. Our efforts to educate the public, clinicians, investigators, and regulators are aimed ultimately to improve outcomes for patients affected by functional GI disorders (FGIDs).

Read more about the organization >>

Proceeds from the IFFGD Digestive Health Wellness & Walk Event will be used to support gastrointestinal illness research.
Proceeds for Gastrointestinal Research

To date, research support totaling over $105,000 has been funded by the annual Digestive Health Wellness and Walk event.

In 2022, IFFGD awarded a $30,000 gastrointestinal illness research grant

In 2023, IFFGD awarded a $35,000 gastrointestinal illness research grant and several smaller supporting grants

In May 2024, IFFGD will award a $40,000 gastrointestinal illness research grant, a $5,000 Preceptorship Award, and 15 travel awards
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