PRG’s Good Move Challenge runs from Mother's Day to Father's Day and right in the middle of it is National Cancer Survivors Day. It is the perfect way to come together to celebrate a cancer survivor in your life or rally around PRG's clients fighting breast and gynecological cancer right now.
Grab your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors and make a whole team of "do gooders" choosing to make some good health moves and help out Pink Ribbon Good, too. Or you can sign up on your own and use the others in the Good Move Challenge as your "accountability partners".
All participants get to go at their own pace and set their own goals. Together we're hoping to walk, run, ride and even dance the equivalent of 8,878 miles. Why that distance? It equals the perimeter of the USA and that's our big dream for PRG! We want to provide healthy meals, rides to treatment and housecleaning essentials to anyone battling breast and gynecological cancer regardless of where they live in the United States. And by joining in on theGood Move Challenge, you are helping us get another step closer to making that dream happen!
And in case seeing your name on the leaderboard isn't motivating enough, we've got some fun prizes that we'll be handing out along the way. Here's a list of our weekly challenges:
Kickoff Challenge, May 12 - 25: Smile Challenge
We want to see you in action! While you're getting your steps in for the Good Move Challenge, grab a photo of you, your family, friends or even furry friends. Then share it on social and remember to tag @PinkRibbonGood and #prggoodmove. 15 people will be randomly selected to win a pink PRG fanny pack.
Challenge #2, May 26 - June 1: Step Challenge
The top 3 individuals taking the most steps between May 26 and June 1 will win a pink fanny pack and PRG water bottle.
Challenge #3, June 2 - 8: Fundraising Challenge
The participant raising the most money between May 12 and June 8 will win a pink fanny pack, a PRG water bottle, a PRG hat and a $25 PRG Store gift card.
Challenge #4, June 9 - 16: Step + Fundraising Challenge
The participant with the highest point value when combining fitness and fundraising will win a pink fanny pack, a PRG water bottle, a PRG hat and a $75 PRG Store gift card.
You can participate in this challenge by doing pretty much anything that elevates your heart rate. This includes walking, running, cycling or any of your favorite fitness activities! Just make sure to log it! For activities that cannot be measured in steps or miles, please refer to the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY CONVERSION CHART below.

For more information on tracking your distance or setting up tracking devices please refer to the ‘How It Works’ and ‘FAQ's’ sections below.
This challenge will not only encourage you to engage in physical fitness activities, but also practice healthy wellness habits! Check out the MENTAL HEALTH ACTIVITY CONVERSION CHART below to learn more and use the Log Activity button at the top or in the site menu to earn points for each activity logged.
COMPLETED: 40,200 points
TARGET: 300,000 points
COMPLETED: 32,107,937 steps
TARGET: 37,500,000 steps
RAISED: $ 14,190
TARGET: $ 30,000
You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. ~ Sue Fitzmaurice
Come join us and leave your footprints around the US!
Register for the campaign and set your fitness & fundraising targets.
Share your story and raise funds & awareness.
Track workouts anywhere & anytime and complete goal.
Pink Ribbon Good exists to serve every person and family affected by breast and gynecological cancer by providing free healthy meals, rides to treatment, housecleaning essentials and peer support so no one is alone in the fight.

Read more about the organization >>

All money raised through the Good Move Challenge will go directly to supporting those battling breast and gynecological cancer. $50 provides a round trip ride to cancer treatment, $100 provides meals for a week to a family in the fight and $250 allows 10 brave fighters to attend an in-person peer support event and feel less isolated in their diagnosis and maybe even forget they have cancer, just for a moment.
What is Charity Footprints?

Charity Footprints is a social enterprise that connects fitness and charitable giving. We empower people just like you, to get fit & give back.

Our Virtual Races allow non-profits to challenge their patrons to run, walk or ride and raise funds just as they would in a fundraising walkathon. The best part - charities save over 45% in event and logistical costs. So, the dollars that you pay to register or fundraise, go farther.

What is the campaign registration fee?

Campaign registration fee is the amount that you'll need to pay to enroll in this virtual race. This fee (less transaction charges) will go to the non-profit running this campaign as a donation.

The registration fee along with the funds raised through your individual fundraising page will enable the non-profit to fund various programs and pursue their organization's mission.

How can I create my fundraising page?

Well, you wouldn't have to create a separate fundraising page. Once you register for this campaign, we'll give you the link to your fundraising page.

How will I track my distance?

You can track your workouts by setting up your devices (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Google Fit, Misfit, Strava), or download the Charity Footprints' iOS or Android app and track your workouts toward this campaign. ?>

If you workout indoors (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike etc.), you can upload your workouts here.

How do I join a team on this campaign?

While registering for the campaign, select the team you'd like to join or create a new team and invite others to #GetFitGiveBack with you. If you want to join a team (or create your team) after registration, login to the campaign site and you would find a link to edit "My Team" in the menu under your profile in the header.

I am an international donor (non-US), what are my donation charges and tax-deductibility?

All donations are made in US dollars, so the donations may be levied an exchange rate fee via your bank. Donors will want to connect with their bank to determine exactly what that fee may be. Additionally, international donors will need to reach out to a tax professional to discuss if and how tax deductibility will apply to their donation.

Who can sponsor my fundraising efforts?

The short answer is - everyone. The fundraising research shows that the number one reason for people not donating is that they weren't asked to.

That said, there are things you can do to attract people to sponsor you. Adding a picture to your fundraising page, telling potential donors why this cause is so personal to you, sharing your fundraising page on social media, email, and chat groups.

Last, if your employer has a gift matching program, check with the human resources department to support your favorite cause as well.

Who can I contact if I need help?

You can contact us any time if you need help. We love hearing from our users so please don't hesitate to write to us about issues, suggestions, or to just say hi. You can also contact the non-profit administrator directly if you would like.

How do I change or switch my team?

If you want to join a team (or create your team) after registration, login to the campaign site and you would find a link to edit "My Team" in the menu under your profile in the header.