The startling statistics about suicide and the alarming state of veterinary mental health is coming out of the shadows one step at a time. Not One More Vet (NOMV) seeks to change the status of mental wellness within the professions, helping veterinary professionals survive and thrive with education, resources, and support. The NOMV Race Around the World brings awareness and much needed funds for this mission.
Much like the NOMV organization, the Race Around the World had a grassroots start that centered in the desire to make positive changes in the veterinary profession. What began as a successful local 5K in Bedminster, NJ in 2019 quickly progressed into a virtual race that encompassed the world.
Our 1st Race Around the World was an incredibly humbling experience for NOMV. 1,165 participants from 10 different countries raced and fundraised with us. Those funds have since made it possible for NOMV to grow and support more veterinary professionals than ever before.
Our 2021 ultimate goal is to bike/run/walk/wheelchair an accumulative 40,000 kilometers (25,000 miles)—roughly the circumference of the earth—over a 4-week period. In recognition of Suicide Prevention Month, the NOMV Race Around the World will take place throughout the Month of September.
Racers and Teams will have the opportunity to win prizes, bragging rights, and most importantly, create a community of care for veterinary professionals around the world. Build a team with your co-workers, friends, or family. Get out there and move while logging #milesforourmission and fundraising for #nomv!
Show off how you racked up the Miles for Our Mission with a Race T-shirt! Raise $100 or more on your fundraising page and you'll receive a code to order your shirt in the size, shape and color you want!
Shirt comes in crewneck or v-neck, in a number of colors and a wide variety of sizes. You can see thedesigns here (https://shop.nomv.org) Or skip the fundraising, make your $100 donation today and get your shirt now!
Only one shirt per eligible participant. Additional shirts will be available for purchase in November.
Here is how it works!
1. Register as an individual or create and/or join a team.
2. Set the mileage and fundraising goal you plan to achieve by September 30, 2021. (You can change these goals at any time under "Edit Fundraiser" located in the drop down menu.)
3. Track your progress! There are three ways to track your progress:
1. Sync your fitness device. (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Google Fit, Misfit, Strava)
2. Download the free Charity Footprints app to track your progress.
3. Manually enter your miles on your event page. *Remember every mile counts! Many fitness trackers will track your mileage even when you are not doing a workout.*
4. Share your personal fundraising page with everyone you know and ask them to make a contribution to NOMV's Race Around The World and your personal goals!
5. Locate your Fundraiser, Leaderboards, and other settings in the drop down menu.
6. Use the chat box feature to ask questions, rally your team, and have friendly competitive banter with other participants.
7. Lastly, we also encourage you to post pictures to the Community Scrapbook, proudly showing off your workouts and progress!
COMPLETED: 143,356 miles
TARGET: 25,000 miles
RAISED: $ 246,036
TARGET: $ 150,000