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Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation
Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation
The Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation is the ONLY foundation that funds educational grants to provide learning materials and books, support field trips and programming, and bring Holocaust survivor speakers into schools and classrooms nationwide. The money raised goes directly to support Holocaust Education Grants that impact students. The impact we have made in just four years has far exceeded our initial goals – 439 grants, across 31 states, reaching over 114,000 students! But our ultimate goal is Holocaust education in all 50 states, and we need your help to achieve it!

As a young Jewish boy in Poland, Mark Schonwetter survived the Holocaust, along with his mother and sister, by hiding in the forests as well as in the homes of righteous Polish families.

Over the last few years, Mark and his daughters Ann Arnold and Isabella Fiske have shared his story of survival with adults and students all over the United States.

In 2019, Ann and Isabella established the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation with a singular focus: to create a world where all people are treated with kindness and respect by expanding and supporting Holocaust education nationwide.

This work is critical right now – hate crimes in the US have surged to the highest level in 12 years, according to the FBI’s 2020 report. Yet, only 25 states mandate Holocaust education. And those states with requirements don’t always have the funding necessary to support the mandate.

Since 2020, the MSHE Foundation has offered grants to schools across the country to support field trips, programming, books, and having Holocaust survivors speak to students. Through this work, we aim to educate our youth about the dangers of hate and inspire them to create a better, brighter future.

Together, we can make a difference by empowering students through Holocaust education – stopping future hate and leading to kindness, respect, and inclusion in our society.

Our Mission: To provide grants for educators to teach anti-hate initiatives, respect, and kindness to students nationwide through Holocaust education.
Our Vision: To inspire students to create a world where all people are treated equally and with kindness and respect.