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Hopewell Cancer Support
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Hopewell Cancer Support, a nonprofit organization serving cancer patients and their families/caregivers, has been a focus of my fund-raising efforts since moving to the Baltimore area. Although all of my medical treatments were completed before coming to Baltimore, I was still anxious, concerned, sad, lonely, and second guessing myself. Hopewell gave me a safe place to express myself, a place where understanding was immediate and support was soothing and empowering.

Hopewell was established to mitigate the life changing impact of cancer. I read a quote today from Dr. Michael Schultz and it mirrored the philosophy of Hopewell. "Healing is about mind, body, and spirit. Every component of life--anything that gives that extra little boost." That's what Hopewell provides, that extra boost. Another quote, this one by Calvin Parnell, a cancer survivor, "You may not have control over your cancer, but you do have control over how you live with cancer." That is what Hopewell does, offering a wide variety of programs that support efforts to live the best life possible.

Our normal major fund-raiser has been a race, ReachOut and Run. This year it is a little different: a virtual effort with the name ReachOut!, hoping to reach 5000 people far and wide. Our ultimate goal is to raise $200,000 with all dollars going directly to Hopewell's programs.

I have formed a team, Zipin for Hope, and would love you to join my team or donate to my team. If you want to join my team, you can do any activity (no running required) where you are, when you want and the activity of your choice (Walk, Run, Dance, Skip, Knit, Read,Bike, Kayak). You can do your activities on your own or gather friends around. Let us know what you are up to. I think any gathering to celebrate life is a legitimate activity. If you would prefer to offer your support by the activity of hitting the Donate button, that is perfectly fine too. You have until June 30 to complete your activity. Of course donations can be made directly to Hopewell year 'round

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I know there are many worthy charities, but I hope you will consider supporting Hopewell and getting the word out to others about the life-changing work done here. Thank you. Kris
My Progress
Kris is walking 6,000 steps and raising funds for Hopewell Cancer Support. Please show your support and donate generously.
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6,000 steps
My Cause
The Mission: HopeWell Cancer Support's mission is to inspire healing, hope, and purpose for people and their loved ones who experience the life-changing impact of cancer, by providing support through caring, trust, understanding, peace, and strength in our growing, diverse community called HopeWell.
About the Organization: HopeWell is thousands of people, young and old, patients and loved ones, who share in the life-changing experience of cancer. The focus of our unique support community is the psychological, physical, and spiritual response to cancer. Facilitated by talented professionals and surrounded by people who understand and care, our members receive the psycho-social support that is vital to the healing process. Through our no-cost support groups, seminars, and exercise classes, we aim to build lasting relationships and inspire life-giving hope and life-fulfilling purpose.

For over 25 years, we have served the Greater Baltimore community, welcoming all people with cancer and their loved ones. Opening our door to more than 200,000 visits . . . offering more than 7,500 days of incomparable support, wellness, and education. And while much in the world of cancer has changed over the last quarter century, one thing remains true: cancer is not going away any time soon.

Join us to help people with cancer and their loved ones cope with the life-changing impact of a cancer diagnosis.
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Hopewell is full of hope. Thank you all for all that you do for your community

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In honor of my sister Kris who has treasured her Hopewell family

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