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Hopewell Cancer Support
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I am breast cancer survivor. For the past 4 years, HopeWell has been the weekly place of choice -- for myself and my husband, Pierre Chayer -- to reduce stress and cultivate friendships with other people affected by cancer.

We support the HopeWell community, and as such we are committed to ensuring its longevity and growth both financially and socially. HopeWell fills the gap between the medical community and patients' needs for emotional support.

Your support is needed! Join us now! Every dollar makes a difference. Your commitment is crucial to the success of our endeavor. Let's make it happen together!
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Chantal is walking 30,000 steps and raising funds for Hopewell Cancer Support. Please show your support and donate generously.
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30,000 steps
My Cause
The Mission: HopeWell Cancer Support's mission is to inspire healing, hope, and purpose for people and their loved ones who experience the life-changing impact of cancer, by providing support through caring, trust, understanding, peace, and strength in our growing, diverse community called HopeWell.
About the Organization: HopeWell is thousands of people, young and old, patients and loved ones, who share in the life-changing experience of cancer. The focus of our unique support community is the psychological, physical, and spiritual response to cancer. Facilitated by talented professionals and surrounded by people who understand and care, our members receive the psycho-social support that is vital to the healing process. Through our no-cost support groups, seminars, and exercise classes, we aim to build lasting relationships and inspire life-giving hope and life-fulfilling purpose.

For over 25 years, we have served the Greater Baltimore community, welcoming all people with cancer and their loved ones. Opening our door to more than 200,000 visits . . . offering more than 7,500 days of incomparable support, wellness, and education. And while much in the world of cancer has changed over the last quarter century, one thing remains true: cancer is not going away any time soon.

Join us to help people with cancer and their loved ones cope with the life-changing impact of a cancer diagnosis.
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