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ReachOut! is HopeWell Cancer Support’s “virtual race to 5K” to connect with 5,000 friends around the Greater Baltimore region, the Mid-Atlantic and the world and welcome them to our HopeWell family. It took me just moments to know how I wanted to participate in ReachOut!, and that’s by remembering Dad - Fred - Dr. Hadden.

Pancreatic cancer came from nowhere, decades ago now, and soon took him from us when he still had so much life to live. At the time he was beginning a gradual retirement process and training as a volunteer guide at a new nearby Audubon sanctuary.

He was:

Dad – to 5 of us, sharing his gifts of dedication to work and family; active community service to church, Rotary Club, and medical association; and love of (and joy in!) nature, gardening and camping. We have all missed his continued presence in our lives. We treasure our memories.

Fred — to Mom (Agnes) and to his friends and peers, and Uncle Fred to many!

The beloved Dr. Hadden — to his patients . . . the grateful families in eastern Massachusetts for whom he delivered more than 2,000 babies, and the countless others he rescued from cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and related mortal challenges.

Remembering Dad by honoring him with a gift to HopeWell Cancer Support is perfect! Baltimore is a major medical center, as is Boston where he completed his residency and was connected as a nearby practitioner.

And HopeWell is the counterpoint to Baltimore’s excellent oncology community. A monthly calendar of 125 support groups and programs – provided by licensed, credentialed professionals – provides information and addresses cancer’s emotional, social, and physical side effects for people with cancer AND their families and friends. All programs are provided completely FREE!

During its first 25 years, HopeWell has served more than 15,000 people with this psychosocial support, and new participant registration is up some 30% this year. HopeWell is making a difference!

I hope you’ll consider joining me in contributing to this unique intentional, values driven community. For anyone who would like to honor Dad/Fred/Dr. Hadden – OR a loved one / friend who is missed / role model-hero from the past– making a charitable gift to HopeWell would be a valued gesture.

Every dollar is important! It would be wonderful to raise enough to support one person’s HopeWell journey for a year.

$7,500 covers the cost of 6 months of a bi-weekly support group.

$2,500 underwrites an 8-week course to teach people how to manage the stress of living with cancer.

$1,000 provides a year of HopeWell programs and services for one person with cancer.

$100 keeps HopeWell stocked with fresh filtered water, coffee, and tea for a week.

THANK YOU for considering joining me in supporting HopeWell . . . because it takes more than just medicine!

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Celinda is walking 50,000 steps and raising funds for Hopewell Cancer Support. Please show your support and donate generously.
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My Cause
The Mission: HopeWell Cancer Support's mission is to inspire healing, hope, and purpose for people and their loved ones who experience the life-changing impact of cancer, by providing support through caring, trust, understanding, peace, and strength in our growing, diverse community called HopeWell.
About the Organization: HopeWell is thousands of people, young and old, patients and loved ones, who share in the life-changing experience of cancer. The focus of our unique support community is the psychological, physical, and spiritual response to cancer. Facilitated by talented professionals and surrounded by people who understand and care, our members receive the psycho-social support that is vital to the healing process. Through our no-cost support groups, seminars, and exercise classes, we aim to build lasting relationships and inspire life-giving hope and life-fulfilling purpose.

For 25 years, we have served the Greater Baltimore community, welcoming all people with cancer and their loved ones. Opening our door to more than 200,000 visits . . . offering more than 7,500 days of incomparable support, wellness, and education. And while much in the world of cancer has changed over the last quarter century, one thing remains true: cancer is not going away any time soon.

Join us to help people with cancer and their loved ones cope with the life-changing impact of a cancer diagnosis.
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